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Jueves 7 de febrero de 2019

Bajó más de 80 kilos: Pensó que iba a morir y decidió hacer un cambio radical en su vida

Alysha podía pasar por cinco locales de comida rápida sólo para completar un almuerzo.

Quiso compartir su historia y documentar su increíble cambio en Instagram luego de bajar más de 80 kilos. 

Alysha McNair es una joven de 21 años que llegó a pesar más de 170 kilos producto de una adicción desmedida a la comida, llegando a consumir el doble de las calorías que debe ingerir una mujer (2.000) en sólo una comida.

Su adicción era tan grande que para completar una de sus comidas del día podía recorrer hasta cinco locales de chatarra.

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This is a different kind of post, that I’ve been very nervous on posting. Because it seems selfish and not right.. but lately I seriously feel like I haven’t accomplished anything. That I haven’t lost weight, that I’n so big and so huge even though I weigh smaller then I used to be. There is 185 pound difference between these two photos, I can see the difference but I don’t feel it. When I look in the mirror I see a girl who is still massive, and over weight. I don’t see/feel that I have changed or have lost a significant amount of weight. Everyone always says to me “ Ally you’re such an inspiration” “you’re so gorgeous” “ you should be proud” I honestly don’t feel it. I’m becoming more happier these days again which is awesome, I just honestly don’t understand I used to feel like I was so skinny when I was 50 pounds heavier than I am now. Now that I am the smallest I have ever been since I was 13 I feel like I’m sometimes the biggest. Yes I do see my beauty some days and my accomplishments, I’m reaching out to you guys as to how to help my train of thought and to get myself back to how I used to feel about myself. Proud, confident, and happy all the time. Has anyone else who has gone through a weight loss felt the same? It’s hard to open up about problems especially being a social media influencer, but I feel it’s also important to show we have bad days as well, and that we don’t always feel like we are on the top of our game. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day, and a fantastic evening. Keep smiling my beautifuls ✨✨💕💕

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Alysha comenzó a ser acosada en la escuela, donde constantemente se burlaban de su peso y de su cuerpo. Sin embargo, todo terminó cuando la joven de British Columbia, Canadá, se dio cuenta de que si seguía de esa manera iba a morir. De esta manera tomó conciencia y decidió cambiar por completo su estilo de vida.

Alysha abandonó la comida chatarra por completo y se inscribió en un gimnasio donde entrenó a diario.

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It’s insane to see the change from 373 pounds at the age of 16 to 226 at the age of 20. I gained 45 pounds of muscle and am now 75lbs of muscle. Officially I have lost 185lbs!!!✨ It’s still weird for me to think back to when I couldn’t put on a seat belt, or barely fit in a car. My stomach would over lap half the steering heel with the seat all the way back. When I would lay down on my back my chest would feel so heavy and it would lightly suffocated my neck. I couldn’t fit through door ways like I could but the width of my body and arms were larger then door frames. I was 2 airplane seats 💺. It was so embarrassing I remember always getting the worst most disgusting degrading looks every where I went. My mom would get so upset and sometimes would say something because the looks were that bad. I couldn’t walk up 10 stairs without completely dying. I was always sweating. Now I’m always freezing haha. I was always heavily breathing, I was so embarrassed. I would just play videos games and hide in my room. I was bullied bad as a kid and it resulted to me eating a lot of my feelings to get to where I got to. Never give up on your hopes and dreams I know it’s hard some days trust me it can be unbelievably hard but you can’t give up. You can only move forward, remember how strong you are now from that emotional state. Remember that you are making a change for yourself and that things get tough but you have the strength to over come anything. Just never give up. This is going towards someones movement that I absolutely adore and I think is super caring is to @katefert #moretome tag. It’s a tag to show that there is more to us then just social media and the highlights. That there is more to us and we need to always love ourselves😌💕 love you girl you’re helping so many.✨ Recover, forgive and always move forward. You got this 💪🏼 have a wonderful day everyone 😌💝

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"Fui adicta a la comida rápida y, a menudo, visitaba cinco restaurantes diferentes solo para completar una comida", reveló McNair a Mirror y agregó "Pero después de ahogarme un día con una bebida gaseosa a los 17 años y esforzarme por recuperar el aliento, me di cuenta de que era una muerte o un cambio".

Según contó Alysha cuando llegó a su peso máximo (171,4 kilos) se sentía tan avergonzada de su cuerpo que ni siquiera salía a la calle. "Pasé cuatro horas maquillándome para intentar sentirme mejor conmigo mismo, pero nada funcionó", contó.

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Looking at these two photos is just insane. Absolutely insane. I still have to remind myself that I am the bottom photo and not the top. I can’t give over that when I lay down I can see my hip bones in some angles, I also didn’t realize how much my stomach is really lots of extra skin, I kept thinking it was fat which it is still for sure but there is an insane amount of extra skin as well. I’m so excited for 2019, I’m staying focused on my goals and working out, eating right, now just time to get my sleep schedule on track haha. I apparently have no idea what that is these days. I haven’t weighed myself this week yet, but last week I was 215 ! Wow. I still doesn’t feel real that I am 15 pounds away from the 100’s. This is the first year I’ll be really celebrating New Years, I never ever got invited to things being bigger and when my friends would take me to places they were invited to I was the outcast, I was always sweating and feeling insecure around others, I wouldn’t be able to dance as long as others, guys wouldn’t approach or talk to me. I can’t believe I’ve lost 188 pounds (30 pounds of muscle gained) if you go by just the scale number it’s 158 pounds. That’s absolutely insane, I can’t wait to reach my 200lb mark and then my 200lb scale number mark. So many victory’s lately. As well as .... I have officially 3 times in a row, have been on the stair master and didn’t stop moving until I reached 200 calories (Around 15-17 minutes) of just solidly doing stairs I’m so proud I used to not even be able to do 30 seconds without dying. I remember trying to make it to 3 minutes and it was so hard I couldn’t I remember a minute feeling like it was the longest time of my life. I can’t wait to see myself advance and grow, detaching myself from everything negative and allowing just positivity to come has been a beautiful experience, I’m going to continue to challenge, grow, change and absolutely LIVE. Life . I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Remember to leave a little bit of kindness wherever you go ✨❄️💕

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La joven se esforzó tanto tras estos episodios que llegó a perder 80 kilos. "Nunca me he sentido más increíble y ahora tengo un vestido de talla 14".

Cuando la joven se dio cuenta que estaba experimentando cambios en su cuerpo comenzó a documentarlo y compartirlo en redes sociales como una manera de inspirar a otros.

"Fue desalentador subir fotos de mí mismo con el estómago hacia fuera, pero sentí que era necesario ver hasta dónde había llegado", afirmó.

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NEVER GIVE UP! Don’t do it, keep going. If you’re giving 80% give 110% . If you want to lose a certain amount of weight come a certain date, and you don’t show up and put in the work you will not change, for me my example is my job. If I don’t give 110% effort I won’t reach my targets come game day. Same thing goes for fitness I know it’s hard, I know change is scary trust me I’ve been there and I am there but with other areas of my life. Being comfortable won’t get you anywhere you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to change. Tracking everything, meal prepping, going to the gym, being careful of what you do and do not eat is hard yes. But so is feeling gross, being over weight, hating yourself, having no confidence not feeling good in outfits. In my personal opinion which one would you rather have? Yes both are hard but one brings you success and a brighter future. The ultimate choice is yours. But trust me when I say this even though everyone says it, in a year from now you’re going to wish you started today 🐸 🍵 So GO OUT THERE AND GIVE IT YOUR ALL. If you give it your all you will beat yourself on game day and you will win your victory of whatever your goal may be. Remember that everything takes time but if you keep going and you don’t give up through all those hard times. You’ll make it. I’m living proof of it, everyone thought I was going to die including myself growing up. I attempted suicide 4 times, I got bullied so bad that I dropped out of high school and never went back. Police were involved, school board was involved. No one did a thing, I was pushed down two flights of stairs, I had my bike torn apart and put on the bike rack with no bolts in it so when I sat on it in front of the whole school it broke and I was labeled to “fat to ride a bike” I was told I’d never lose weight, that I would never help others and that I was worthless. I PROVED TO MYSELF , that they were wrong. It’s not your turn. GO PROVE THEM WRONG. It’s not their life, you are living it’s YOURS. You have the power to change it, the question is, how bad do you want it?

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"Quiero que otras personas del mismo tamaño que yo se den cuenta de que perder peso siempre es posible", expresó y concluyó "Me siento y parezco diferente ahora y he decidido convertirme en entrenador personal para ayudar a otros".

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Another face to face transformation for you guys in honour of face to face Friday’s ! I still can’t get over that these photos were 4 years taken apart I always wanted to look the way I do today but didn’t know if it was fully possible I’m so grateful for my life and everything in it ! Always remember watching everyone be able to work out or do the makeup I can now. Trust me it is possible if you hang in there and stick it through ! I know days are hard, I know they get stressful and uncomfortable but that’s a good thing that means things are changing and you are growing. Self awareness is key and when you can recognize that things aren’t as bad or big of a deal as they seem it’s very helpful. Just hang in there, and remember to take each moment as it is. It’s going to be okay 😌💕 just breathe.

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