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Viernes 6 de septiembre de 2019

VIDEO | Activista vegana rescata a 16 conejos y recibe disparos de los granjeros

La joven ingresó a una propiedad privada para salvar sus vidas.

Activista vegana publicó un video en su cuenta de Instragram para denunciar el ataque que sufrió a manos de unos granjeros, quienes habrían disparado contra la ventana de su auto luego de que ella y otras personas entraran en sus propiedades y liberaran a 16 conejos. Todo indica que la agresión se realizó en medio de una autopista de España, a inicios de esta semana, y al estallar el vidrio la joven resultó con heridas en la cara que se pueden ver en el video.

La mujer, llamada Mia, explica que desde el inicio hubo un granjero que fue "extremadamente agresivo" e incluso, asegura, intentó estrangular a los activistas y les golpeó la cabeza con varas de metal. Escaparon, sin embargo los persiguieron por la autopista hasta alcanzarlos en un callejón cerrado y los rodearon con cinco autos.

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Today we entered a rabbit farm and rescued 16 lives. . The farmer was extremely aggressive and attacked us, strangling activists and smashing their heads with metal poles. The police came and told us to leave peacefully, which we did. After we left the farmers chased us down the motorway at 200km for an hour. We tried to lose them down a side road but they were on our tails. They blocked us into a dead end and surround the car with 5 other farmers’ cars. They were banging on the windows, shouting and threatening us. We called the police who arrived after an hour. They diffused the situation and escorted us to a ‘safe place’. We asked them to escort us home but they refused and said we would be okay. They let us go and 10 minutes later back on the motorway one of their call pulled up alongside us and shot at us. The window exploded in my face and there was a lot of blood from all the glass. We’re currently at the hospital and waiting to go to the police station to report this crime. . The most important thing is that the non-human animals are safe. They are far from that hell hole. I don’t want this to be about me at all, I just want people to know how evil farmers are. If this is how they treat humans, how can we expect them to care for animals? . Despite everything, I am just happy that those 16 lives are free from harm. They make everything worth it.

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En ese momento, los veganos llamaron de nuevo a las autoridades y consiguieron que los escoltaran hasta un lugar seguro. No obstante, 10 minutos después fueron alcanzados otra vez por uno de los granjeros, que disparó al vehículo. "Lo más importante es que los animales no humanos están a salvo. Están lejos de ese agujero infernal", dijo Mia.

"Si así tratan a los humanos, ¿cómo podemos esperar que cuiden a los animales?", señaló.

Este miércoles, Mia publicó una foto de uno de los conejos rescatados, que estaba siendo sometido a un tratamiento veterinario para recuperar la posición erguida de su cabeza, pues debido a las sucias condiciones de vida de la granja donde permanecía, fue víctima de un parásito en su oído.

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Meet Neytiri. She is one of the 16 lives rescued from the action this weekend. She was spotted immediately by our fantastic vet @shakirafree, spinning round and around in circles in her cage with her head tilted, showing clear signs of E.cuniculi, a parasite in the ear caused by filthy living conditions. . We took her to the vet and they confirmed she is only a couple weeks old. She is now on a course of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and anti-parasites and depending on the severity of her condition and how long she’s been like that, she will recover in a few days or weeks and her head will return to the upright position again! She has such a character and is so full of energy despite the discomfort she must be in from all the disorientation and muscle strain from her neck. I will post regular updates about her and the others on my stories and if anyone wants to help with the vet bills and sanctuary costs, I have put the fundraiser in my bio! . These 16 are the lucky ones. After actions like this we get to home but for them there is no way out. We only managed to find a home for 16 beforehand, so had to leave thousands of mothers and babies behind. They will be trapped inside those cages for their entire lives, their only escape is when they are shipped off to a slaughterhouse to be murdered for their flesh and fur. Rabbits like these are also abused for animal testing, tortured for a lifetime before eventually getting murdered too. They are also regularly kept as ‘pets’ often in solitary confinement and inappropriate conditions suffering from boredom and multiple other health issues. . What we do the animals need to end immediately. This injustice has gone on far too long. We will continue to enter in these facilities to expose these horrors and liberate the beings trapped inside for as long as it takes. We are not going anywhere. Join us in our fight, be vegan, be active and let’s put an end to this once and for all.

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