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Viernes 28 de diciembre de 2018

Hija de Milla Jovovich es IGUAL a ella y podría fácilmente hacer la precuela de 'El Quinto Elemento'

Es su verdadero clon.

Milla Jovivich es una de las actrices más reconocidas de las últimas décadas gracias a sus papeles en películas de acción como Ultraviolet y la saga de Resident Evil.

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What a gorgeous and unforgettable evening in Paris at the #grandpalais for the @fencing_fie gala! So amazing see dear friends like @chrissbrenner and also @nabilharlow, who so graciously came by after a long trans atlantic flight to do my hair for the event! Thanks so much Nabil for working your magic! I did my own make up which was fun because it takes me all of 15 minutes and then I don’t end up wearing too much of it. Special thanks to @veesback, my Italian sister and @miumiu for dressing me and reminding me what it feels like to be a girl again! After shooting @monsterhuntermovie for the last 3 months, being covered in dirt and blood and keeping such relentless hours, it’s easy to forget that I have a feminine, glamorous side as well!💄👠💋💅🏼 Thank you @fencing_fie for putting on such an amazing event, I had the privilege of meeting such amazing people like @katholmes46, a champion Olympic female fencer who also studies chemistry and medicine when she’s not training 8 hours a day! Talk about female inspiration and empowerment! Now I have to go to sleep because tomorrow is another big day and I want to kill it!✊🏼💪🏼😆 #parisdiary

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La protagonista de 'El Quinto Elemento' también es madre de dos adorables hijas: Ever y Dashiel.

Ambas son realmente preciosas y cómo no, si heredaron la belleza de su mamá. Claro que Ever en particular parece más su clon que otra cosa. Si algún día decidieran hacer una precuela en la que protagonizara una Lilo más joven, bueno, ya tienen opciones para el casting.

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Going into Monday like...😘 It’s been a tough shoot on #monsterhuntermovie, gorgeous and brutal locations, injuries. Now we’ve picture wrapped some incredible artists and people I call friends @meagangood @troubleman31 @diego @iammcjin @josh_helman_official, you guys are so incredible and we miss you all so much. It’s hard to get back in the game and start a new chapter of this movie without you. But I tell you, having my family here with me makes everything perfect. Even when I come home exhausted and in pain, putting a smile on these faces is what I live for. So grateful that my mom came to visit and Paul’s mom. 3 generations of Jovovich-Anderson’s in the house!😆It’s hard to be a busy, working mom. It’s not easy finding a balance. But what I’ve realized, is that if I can’t make these kids laugh AT LEAST once a day, i’m not doing my job. Thank you god for all the good people in my life.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😆🤗❤️❤️❤️ #growingkidsgrowingfood #monsterhuntermovie #capetowndiary

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Incluso tuvo un papel en Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, como la inteligencia artificial 'Red Queen', interpretada por cuatro actrices diferentes a lo largo de la saga.

El padre de las niñas es el director de cine Paul W.S. Anderson. Ellos se conocieron mientras filmaban Resident Evil en 2002. Luego de una breve separación, se reconciliaron 2003 y en 2007 nació la pequeña Ever. Los artistas decidieron contraer matrimonio en 2009.

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Happy Holidays everyone!!! It’s been the most amazing Christmas! It’s our first time in the snow for the holidays and I can’t tell you how magical it is. I actually woke up before the kids this morning to get the cooking started because I knew once they woke up it would be non stop building toys and taking pictures, so I’m falling asleep right now at 3 in the afternoon! Our family and closest friends are here so it couldn’t be more perfect. It’s snowing outside and the view is spectacular. The smells coming from the kitchen are just insanely yummy and if I could maybe have a little nap... but we won’t speak of such things.😂 I have so many amazing pics so I’ll call this “Christmas:Part 1” and post more when I have some time. I’m SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!😆 Sending so much love to you all! Xo m🥰 #growingkidsgrowingfood #familytime #creatingmemories #utahdiary🎄🎁🎅🏽🥳

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Aún no se sabe si Ever o Dashiel seguirán los pasos de su famosa mamá, pero la mayor ya cuenta con un poco de experiencia luego de trabajar en Resident Evil.

Milla es una excelente madre, procura pasar el mayor tiempo posible con sus hijas a pesar de su trabajo. Las lleva a los sets de grabación y alfombras rojas cada que se puede.

El parecido con su hija mayor se hizo aún más evidente luego de que la actriz subiera algunas fotografías de su infancia a Instagram, dejando claro que los genes dominantes los tenía ella.